PSH Electric Heaters

pros and cons


  • Runs off the voltage of the carts batteries either 36v or 48v.
  • Has a high tech fan to disperse the heat evenly.
  • Is an instant heater so it can easily be turned on and off while occupants are in or out of the cart.
  • Has a steering post mount option to mount it in the middle of the cart and conveniently out of the way so both occupants are comfortable.
  • Our battery cable can easily run down the steering post through the rubber bot to the battery compartments.
  • Also is interchangeable with our fan. It's changed with a single wing nut and has detachable plugs.
  • Easily mounted and won't tip from cupholder like propane tanks.


  • Initial cost is higher.
  • Not practical for gas carts.


PS Golf Cart Heaters
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